Testimonials Workshop ‘Empower and Inspire Yourself’

Pattie, Minneapolis, MN:

“Empowering and inspiring class teaches the science behind creating new possibilities, directions or changes in our lives. Marielle gives us the tools to work with our brains and our bodies to create new possibilities, solve difficulties and/or improve every day circumstances.”

“She is a natural born teacher and her focus is to teach everyone how to make important changes using both science and spirituality. It is not just about positive thinking or having hope but it is about the actual science behind making changes.”

“Come and find out how she changed her life using these tools and how you can change your life too.”

Terri, Eagan, MN:

“The organization of the class was very well presented. Science is the theme that really brings it home. My overall impression of the workshop: fabulous.”

Trieste, Minneapolis, MN:

“I enjoyed the use of various videos, breaking down the concepts. Lesson 2 was my favorite. Overall impression of the workshop: good!”

Deb, Minneapolis, MN:

“The program was well thought out and flowed very naturally. I loved the combination of videos and interactions with the printed materials.”

“It was so much fun to go through the workshop with Marielle. We hear time and time again; what we focus on creates your reality, meaning: if you perceive something as negative, that is what you bring into your reality. So, Marielle teaches the science behind why we think the way we do and creating new possibilities. She gives you the tools to look at your beliefs and what you can do to change the experience you live in. As Bruce Lipton says: ‘Every time you hear a negative conversation in your head, correct that thought in the moment, and put a positive spin on it.”

Janet, Minneapolis, MN:

Marielle’s class offered easy-to-follow lessons on various concepts for taking control of your life and creating the life you want, supported by videos of thought leaders from many cultures and backgrounds. It was fascinating and well organized, so the class time just flew by! Having homework in between classes helped me to integrate the knowledge. She is a beautiful spirit, and I would definitely recommend her class!

Vitalia, Minnetonka, MN:

Marielle’s class is both empowering and enlightening. She helps you discover tools and techniques that can help you overcome any difficult challenges or situations. I enjoyed the supplementary videos and support articles that she so generously shared and she helps you to identify ways to bring more joy and positivity into your own life. I would definitely recommend her class!

Testimonials Workshop ‘Conscious Co-creation’

Joanne, Roseville, MN:

Marielle has an authentic message , which she speaks from her heart. She walks the talk, and gives personal examples of how her life’s experience has been enhanced. She offers tools for everyone to use, including science and spirituality. The workshop is informative, inspirational, and kept interesting by the use of video as well as Power Point. This is a well organized, well presented workshop by a beautiful being!”

Lisa, Minneapolis, MN:

Marielle’s approach to health and healing encompass all realms of body, mind, and spirit. I’ve attended Marielle’s Conscious Co-creation Workshop twice and was inspired and learned different things both times. The poise, candor, and rhythm that Marielle offers is easy to step into, embrace, and understand. She allows time and space for teaching, for silence, and for deep listening. I encourage those who are spiritual, embodied, and emotionally intelligent to attend Marielle’s workshops and see what new horizons there are to explore within yourself and within our world.”

Testimonials other services:

Reiki :

Daisy, Circle Pines, MN:

My Reiki treatment was held in an intimate, comfortable, welcoming and healing atmosphere. Her loving energy was palpable and powerful. After the session I felt a deep relaxation and at the same time I felt refreshed. The Reiki sessions are very affordable and I definitely plan for more sessions in the future!”

Larissa, St.Paul, MN:

After the Reiki session I suddenly was so clear and energetic I cleaned my house and did what I needed to do. That night I slept a full night sleep. It was the first time, in a couple of months that I had such a good sleep.”

Samson, St.Paul, MN:

Marielle is an amazing practitioner. She’s so easy to work with; meaning, she actually cares about you getting better. She goes above and beyond, asking questions, suggesting other things that may help, really understanding and not taking any shortcuts. I’ve received profound relief for my anxiety ailment from our work together. The relief is sustainable and you build on that through each session.”


Michele, Roseville, MN:

I came to my yoga lesson with a nagging pain in my shoulder. I had tried several things to relieve the tension, but it was stubborn and didn’t want to release. During our lesson 3 people said they were having shoulder pain so Marielle had us focus on that area. I was happy and a bit surprised that my shoulder tension was completely gone after just one yoga lesson. Marielle has a lovely, attentive style of teaching.”

Mary, Eagan, MN:

Since the start of Yoga classes I find that I can pull myself back into focus better than before. This is my weekly sanctuary from life’s stresses. I look forward to this class more than I can say and appreciate Marielle’s flexibility to accommodate my injuries with a wide variety of exercises. Thank you!”

Janeen, Eagan, MN:

Thank you so much for designing a yoga class especially for us. I appreciate the time you took in planning the program. The class has benefited me both physically and spiritually.”

Holistic coaching:

Ashley, Minneapolis, MN:

Working with Marielle during my 10 week course was life changing. She is an amazing teacher. I really enjoyed every session.”


Camille, Fridley, MN:

I have been having extreme arm and shoulder pain for about a month. After just one session of Psych- K with Marielle my pain went away within 24 hours. Also when I woke up the following morning it was the first time I didn’t wake up with a stiff neck. I would definitely recommend Psych-K with Marielle.”

Ashley, Minneapolis, MN:

My Pysch-K session I had with Marielle involved in something that I have struggled with my whole life. I definitely feel and see a change in my life after the session. I look forward to doing more in-depth sessions.”

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