I have been coaching pretty much my whole life.

When I was 11 years old I started engaging in spiritual life. I wanted to know about my world: the seen and unseen, the within and without. I would read every book I could find, I would follow workshops, and surf the internet for videos, articles, and blogs. I collected a lot of information and I started to talk about it with friends, family, co-workers, and sometimes even strangers. Needless to say that some people were not always open to it … hence learning my first lesson in coaching: People need to be ready to change. In 1998, when I officially started to be a French teacher, I had a very good instant connection with students because I was playful, real, honest, and myself. Not only would students appreciate me, but also parents, fellow teachers, and anybody I would talk to in school. During my teaching years, I participated in workshops about coaching and learning how to listen, observe and not get into judgments. Every year I would help my colleagues and students with coaching, and yoga/meditation lessons and I always participated in pilot groups that tried to bring changes in the way we teach anybody any topic.

In 2001 I learned how to be a Hatha Yoga teacher. I was learning to be a physical, mental, and emotional coach. Since a vegetarian diet is important for Yogi I became a vegetarian for about 5 years. I explored food in general and what it does to the body because I had a sensitive digestive system. I learned again by doing my own research on the Internet, talking to health coaches, and trying out certain foods and diet myself. When I started teaching my own Yoga groups I learned even more by just observing how people move their bodies in a Yoga lesson. The way they would move would be based on what they think, what they eat, and what kind of lifestyle they have. At that time I also used massage to help others, but those were only friends and family. Through doing massages and having massage exchanges with other massage therapists I understood that not every massage is meant for every body, literally. The most important lesson I learned about massage is that it can be of help for instant relief. But when you seriously want to get rid of any (chronic) discomfort you have, you need to examine your mind and body to not have to come back for more treatments.

In 2000 and 2001 I got initiated in Reiki 1 and 2 as you can read on my other page. I learned how you can direct positive healing energy for yourself and others and even situations in your life. The intention to heal somebody or situations with your mind, you just being a channel, opened up another world for me and another way to coach somebody.

If you would like to know more about what a Holistic coaching session would look like, please email me.